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Turquoise Laelia Bracelet


Turquoise Laelia Bracelet


Our Laelia Bracelet is apart of our crystal bracelet line designed to purify the body’s energy through a collection of stones with natural healing properties. 

Lovingly crafted using the powerful turquoise healing stone, in combination with jasper and agate beads. The purifying power of turquoise works to align the spiritual and physical self, strengthening creativity, intuition and wisdom leading to a calmer mental state. 

Hints of the earth stone jasper strengthen ones grounding to the earth and enhance inner strength and stability. And finally agate beads sharpen the senses, improving analytical abilities and improving concentration.  

Featuring adjustable straps to fit to any sized wrist and a gorgeous turquoise centre stone with veins of gold. Handcrafted from real leather, the Laelia Bracelet is 50 cm long and can be fastened in 3 different spots.

Materials: Natural Stone, Leather, & Alloy

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